Philip E. & Carole R.
Ratcliffe Foundation

The VisionGiving the World a Brighter Tomorrow.

Encouraging and rewarding entrepreneurship, job creation, and economic opportunities for those with passion and a plan to succeed.

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Our Mission Fostering entrepreneurship, job creation, and economic opportunities

The Philip E. and Carole R. Ratcliffe Foundation operates as a charitable organization designed to encourage and reward entrepreneurship, create jobs and expand economic opportunity. Based in Annapolis Maryland, the Ratcliffe Foundation provides funds to institutions to encourage entrepreneurship in non-traditional business fields such as the arts, design, health care, environmental science, aquaculture and skilled trades. The Ratcliffe Foundation strives to integrate its programs with the local communities through mentorships and business involvement.

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Ferry Cove Project, LLC.
We are pleased to announce the Ferry Cove Project, LLC. This will be one of Maryland’s only private Hatcheries focused on producing oyster larvae and seed to support Maryland’s iconic Oyster Industry. Learn more

Programs Supported by the
Ratcliffe Foundation

  • Community College of Baltimore County

    The Center for Business Innovation is dedicated to serving CCBC students who are interested in developing and entrepreneurial mindset and learning how to turn their ideas into something real. The Business Plan competition can turn their winning ideas into a business and earn seed money to get started. Participants in the program are matched with mentors to offer guidance, coaching and advice.

  • Anne Arundel Community College

    AACC provides financial support to students enrolled who are aspiring entrepreneurs or who currently own a business. The desired outcome for these students is academic completion leading to business ownership and or transfer to a college or university to continue their education. The Ratcliffe Entrepreneurial Studies Scholarship program includes an Entrepreneurial Studies scholarship, and Internship scholarship, and a Small Business Owner scholarship and a Seed Fund award.

  • Florida International University

    FIU serves a diverse community with a student body of 54,000, and is federally designated a minority serving institution. The Arts and Design Incubator@FIU is strategically located at the University’s Biscayne Bay Campus. The Incubator@FIU is the first facility at a public institution in South Florida to offer students the resources and training to be able to open and run a functioning arts and design business. The incubator is led by two highly skilled artists/designers who maintain professional studios onsite. They oversee the students in achieving the entrepreneurial activities of the incubator and each teach an academic course in graphic or object design.

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