Salisbury University- Shore Hatchery

The Ratcliffe Shore Hatchery entrepreneurship competition in SU’s Franklin P. Perdue School of Business, established with the Foundations initial contribution in 2013.  Selected applicants vie for the funding via “Gull Cage” elevator pitch sessions to the program’s board of directors, similar to Shark Tank.  Winners receive not only money, but mentoring from board members who head some of the region’s most successful businesses.  Those not selected for funding also receive the benefit of mentorship, along with exposure to board members and others via a semi-annual public exhibition taking place in connection with the competitions.  Since 2013, SU has awarded $800,000 to nearly 40 business startups in Maryland and Delaware through the Ratcliffe Shore Hatchery program.  From high school and college students to seasoned business veterans, the winners have been as diverse as their products.  The Ratcliffe Foundation has also funded scholarships for Anne Arundel Community College students transferring to SU who demonstrate academic achievement and a commitment to entrepreneurship.